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Production area increased 7800 square meters, and adding 2 combined island cabinet production lines

In 2020, the "global campaign against corona epidemic" became an eternal topic! With the epidemic raged in overseas countries, soaring shipping costs, no shipping space, once again sweep across the globe …

Meanwhile, in Qingdao Kaichuang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., we increase the factory capacity, upgrade the production line, fully implement 6S management, optimize enterprise organization and reform management, and launch the quality management policy of "Manufacturing Boutique Products".... … All those above have become the main theme of Kaichuang in 2020!

In 2020, Kaichuang Electric has an uprising development against the trend and break the cocoon into a butterfly!


Increase the production area by 7,800 square meters.


With the successful launch of the Q series single-curve glass door Combination Island Freezer, and the highly cost-effective SDQ series double-curve glass door Combination Island Freezer,our company add two new automatic production line for the Combination Island Freezer, doubling the daily production capacity!


To achieve the goal of the quality management policy of "Manufacturing Boutique Products", we add two new automatic testing lines. After the implementation of the company quality management reform in 2020, our product has realized the quality “metamorphosis” and the field quality complaints have declined rapidly. Based on our investigation statistics, the Kaichang product quality has won the affirmation, praise, trust and reputation from the customers!



Kaichuang Electric embraces the 2021 with a brand-new look. We sincerely welcome you visiting us!

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