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Kaichuang is painted in the poem

After fresh rain in mountains bare,

Autumn permeates evening air.

Among pine-trees bright moonbeam peer,

O’er crystal stone flows water clear.

Picturesque, painted in the poem, this is Kaichuang Electric! With Peony strives for open and fish frolic.


On Monday, the weekly meeting for managers was held as usual. This time the meeting place was changed serious meeting room to the garden in front of the office building, which is a surprise!

Our company always put in the first place “Add Customer Value” and “Customer First”. After the enterprise meeting management system was issued for one year, what is stipulated in the system such as the staff daily work report, the cadre weekly work report, the marketing analysis meeting, the financial analysis meeting, the quality analysis meeting , the quality on-site meeting,  the line shift handover meeting, the order review meeting have been effectively implemented, which has brought significant results to enterprise management efficiency, execution and cadre leadership improvement!